Aggregate User Review Data

One of the problems with web hosting reviews is their incredibly subjective nature. Was the person doing the review a complete idiot, a disgruntled ex-employee, a spammer, competitor, or a company exec? How long ago was the review made, and is still relevant?

Go to Google and type in "web hosting reviews" and you will find tons of websites and most of them are pretty spammy. I have taken the user review data from the top three sites and aggregated the information into a digestible format.

So, with all that said, this data, as well as any reviews you read online, should be taken with a grain of salt. Reviews were evaluated and considered to be positive recomendations to "sign up" or a negative recommendation to "run away."

Please note: an incomplete table means the data is still being collected!

The content of these reviews was analyzed for the frequency of words contained within them. I stripped out all of the mundane words and left only the most interesting ones. Now the problem with simple word counting is that it strips out all of the appropriate context. I can't give you that information since it would basically be tantamount to copyright infringement upon the web host review sites/sources.

So what I did was look at the individual context of each word below and made sure that it was used appropriately in context to describe the company or service. Next to that number I also show you the number of times that word was used in a negative or out of context fashion, for example: "I wanted MediaTemple to be awesome, but they weren't," or "I love their service, I had no problem at all."

It wouldn't be right to add the instance of the word "awesome" or "problem" to the Frequency field, because they aren't being used to describe the serivce. These out of context uses of the words are marked under the "!Context" field.

Word Counts for 200 MediaTemple Reviews

Word Frequency  !Context Total
problem 76
slow 50
fast 29
downtime 34
uptime 19
helpful 54
unreliable 10
reliable 25
bad 25
good 52
maintenance 15
mysql 5
wordpress 6
sucks 6
awesome 11 3 14
love 2 3 5
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Word Counts for 272 DreamHost Reviews

Word Frequency  !Context
problem 70
slow 15
fast 15
downtime 29
uptime 40
happy 21
bad 13
good 76
money 16
mysql 16
wordpress 32
sucks 5
awesome 7
best 21
love 2 1

Total User Recommendation Count for DreamHost

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152 120

Word Counts for 602 Weebly Reviews

Word Frequency  !Context
problem 102
slow 22
fast 31
happy 27
bad 21
good 72
money 31
frustrating/ed 16
satisfied 11
horrible 11
sucks 18
awesome 12
fantastic 11
love 39 2

Total User Recommendation Count for Weebly

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314 288

Word Counts for 193 Linode Reviews

Word Frequency  !Context
problem 43 6
slow 1 6
fast 13
backup 37
uptime 17
outage 12
happy 27
bad 2 6
good 35
satisfied 3
horrible 1
sucks 0
awesome 12
love 8
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Total User Recommendation Count for Linode

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183 10
Source: Linode Forums

Word Counts for 51 Liquid Web Reviews

Word Frequency  !Context
problem 18 6
slow 5 0
fast 8 1
happy 10 0
bad 3 3
good 15 2
satisfied 3 0
terrible 2 0
suck 3 1
amazing 13 0
best 23 0
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Total User Recommendation Count for Liquid Web

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41 10
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This circa 2015 project was a fun public data discovery & analysis of DreamHost and its users. How might the comparative stats for your industry and customers look like?


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