Hilarious DreamHost User Comments

I had a fun time compiling the user comments over on the DreamHost Customer Outrage page (check 'em out), so here are some more good ones for your amusement. Remember, these comments generally represent people/customers at their worst.

Out of many thousands of negative, positive, and neutral comments (43,357 comments to be exact), I cherry picked some of the most ridiculous ones along with a few level headed responses thrown in for good measure.

Not sure whether the best part of that comment is the grammar/spelling or the condescending assumption that it might take more than 30 minutes! Hah.

Haha! "Go hug your mother!" I am betting this phrase could become a new inside joke amongst DreamHost employees, and support staff, during future downtimes.

Chris pretty much sums up our hosting philosophy and the argument I present on this site as well.

Actually, this guy is correct. Their status page is hosted by Linode! See our proof here.



This circa 2015 project was a fun public data discovery & analysis of DreamHost and its users. How might the comparative stats for your industry and customers look like?


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