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Are you a serious business owner who is looking for rock solid hosting? Reliability is the best word to describe Liquid Web. They offer fully managed solutions, which means that their tech staff, engineers, and support people will take care of your server for you. This means that you can focus on what is important to you: your business.

Their prices are higher than the other web hosts reviewed on this site, but the service you receive is significantly better as a result. You are paying for the best. If you do your due diligence, and dig around the Internet, you will find very few negative reviews about Liquid Web. This is because it is a company that really does live up to the hype.

They offer a free migration service, for businesses who already have some web hosting, but who want to switch to something more reliable. Large and complicated sites can be difficult to migrate, so this is a very useful service for them to offer.

Cost Comparison for Liquid Web Hosting Plans

Feature Standard Webmaster VPS Dedicated
Monthly Transfer 120 GB 200 GB 5 TB 5 TB
Disk Space 5 GB SSD 20 GB SSD 50 GB SSD 120 GB SSD
Price $14.95/mo $19.95/mo $50/mo $199/mo

These prices are slightly higher than some of the other web hosts out there, but you are really paying for quality, support, and peace of mind.

Although there are a few legitimate negative reviews out there for Liquid Web, most of them seem to be fairly ill founded and vague. One guy complained about Liquid Web because someone else on the Internet registered the domain he wanted and was mad that they didn't tell him. Pretty funny. And a couple of the reviews I found were written by people who clearly could not speak English, making them somewhat suspect.

So if you take that into account then Liquid Web's adjusted review recommendation stats are pretty decent, coming out to around an 82% approval rating.

Adjusted Recommendation Count for Liquid Web

Sign Up! Run!
38 7
See review source urls

I have personally known several people who have hosted their businesses, and real time gaming servers, for Counter-Strike, on Liquid Web and they have only told me good things. And while technically gaming servers are not "serious businesses," the mercurial and capricious 30 year old kids running them take them pretty seriously and are obsessed with their performance, and uptime, and won't tolerate bad hosts.

Liquid Web has data centers in Michigan and Arizona, a content delivery network, load balancing options, private cloud servers, storage area networks, managed firewalls, and tons of hardware options. Basically, everything.

Although they do not publish incident reports, their support staff is really on the ball and they do publish their support response stats. They sell themselves on near-immediate problem resolution and a support system that is excellent. Out of close to 20,000 tickets (for the 2014 year), their average response time was about 10 minutes.

Overall Support Stats (2014)

Item Figure
Total Tickets 19,127
Total Calls 11,097
Total Live Chats 11,134
Avg. Response Time 10min 37sec
Avg. Tickets per day 57

Unlike other web hosts these guys offer 24/7 sales and support via live chat. When thousands of dollars are on the line and your customers are counting on you then that support availability becomes really important.

Now if you look at their estimated number of customers (40,000) and the number of support tickets, you might assume that close to half (47%) of people opened a support ticket. That is quite a large number! But of course that is not the case. A small minority of customers with a large number of tickets can skew and jack that number up really quickly. I have no clue as to the actual percentage of customers opening tickets.

But I do have an idea of the number of people complaining about them as a percentage of customers. You can see that statistic alongside other hosts on our gripe chart. So how does Liquid Web compare? They are actually the best host on the chart. The percentage of customers griping about them? 0.0005%. That's insanely miniscule!

Judging from the overall review data, the general sentiment out there seems to be that Liquid Web does live up to its hype. So if you are willing to pay a small premium for excellence then you will definitely want to strongly consider them as your next web host.

See what you think yourself and check out Liquid Web now.



This circa 2015 project was a fun public data discovery & analysis of DreamHost and its users. How might the comparative stats for your industry and customers look like?


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