GoDaddy versus Namecheap

Functionally, the actual underlying technical service you get from both of these domain name registrars is more or less the same. They work. I am talking about the domain registration, not the hosting. Ideally, you should never host your website with the same company who has registered your domain. So this review only applies to domain registration.

The biggest problem with GoDaddy is its confusing user interface and complicated domain name purchasing process. They intentionally try to upsell you everything under the sun related to web hosting, email, disk space, etc.; I am surprised they are not selling kitchen sinks too.

But GoDaddy must make a lot of money from people accidentally clicking yes to one of their many upgrade packages. The checkout process is very craftily designed to trick you into paying for crap you don't need. It's the same exact feeling of when a car salesman is trying to sell you rust-proofing and a bunch of other completely unnecessary add-ons. This alone is worth avoiding them over.

Of course you should never use your registrar company for your web server. This gives way too much power to one organization over your digital presence.

Secondly, if you look at their own marketing it sounds something like this: Buy GoDaddy! Why? NASCAR! AMERICA! SUPERBOWL! YEAH! What does Nascar have to do with domain registration? Well, nothing really. But the CEO likes it so it's plastered everywhere!

Also, they are constantly re-designing their website – like they can never sit still for very long – forcing you to re-learn where the hell everything is every six months or so. Very frustrating.

Their whole company is an affront to any sort of thinking person. I want my domain registrar to be efficient, functional, and dare I even say, boring. I want it to work. That's it. I don't want to be accosted by regular emails about how great you are, your next Superbowl or Nascar advertisement, or any other messages about your overall hubris.

GoDaddy also does some really sketchy stuff where they will try to lock you into staying with them; if you accidentally clicked the wrong option to "protect your account" during a domain registration then when you try to change registrar companies they will demand a faxed copy of your driver's license or passport. Headache inducing, needless, paperwork stuff; that's the kind of game they play. Their support is absolutely insane. Also the frequent aggressive phone calls to "verify" my domains every year? Not appreciated.

Their actions and interface speaks quite clearly: they see the customer as someone to trick, lock down, and bilk – simple as that. Not much else to say.

If you want to register a domain name, go with If you're already on GoDaddy, transferring over your domains can be a small hassle, but it's well worth it.

I switched over a couple years ago and haven't looked back.

NameCheap doesn't try to trick you during the checkout process. They treat you like an actual person. Imagine that! Their interface is simple and straightforward. They are cheap and they work. Millions of people use them. I have used their live chat support and it is actually useful and quick. What more do you need?

Get NameCheap and register your domain today.



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