My Work

The following is a collection of links of my public work. Unfortunately, much of my work includes ghost-written assignments for clients, which cannot be shared in a public forum.

EMURGO Articles
Yoroi Wallet Security
Tutorial: How to Implement Custom Themes in Yoroi
Understanding Unspent Transaction Outputs in Cardano
A Sneak Peek at User Issued Assets and Security Tokens in Cardano
A Deeper Look into the Features of Staking in Cardano
Utilizing GitHub Developer Activity
What Makes The Cardano Blockchain Treasury System Special?

Literary Research
The Orphic Myth in the Sixteenth Century

Books Published
The Grounding Book, by Josh Schultz

Books Edited
The Color of Paris, by Brooke Scudder

History of the Ladybug, by John Pavon.
The Whirlwind Man, by John Pavon.

Dissertations Edited
Posession, Exorcism, and Mental Illness: A Multiple Case Study Across Worldviews by Benedicte Last
The Mindful Teen: A Preventive Measure for Adolescent Suicide by Julie Brody

Tan Mathletes Caught in Sin, Potentially Abusing Co-Sin
Punishing Yourself to Health: One Day at a Time
Company that "Downloads the Internet to Your Phone" Shuttered
Pioneering Restaurant "Leftovers" Offers Low Prices, Leftovers
Psychedelic Re-education: A Policy Proposal for the Incarcerated
Seminary Student Expelled for Unorthodox Beliefs

2018 Grants
Home & Community Based Services Medicaid grants for Adult Residential Facilities and Day Programs.

Other Work
Wordtrickster: a creative writing tool (currently offline).